Bobby Broom’s August Release “My Shining Hour” Album Cover

Here’s the new CD cover for jazz guitarist Bobby Broom‘s anticipated release, “My Shining Hour,” recorded live to analog tape, to be released August 2014 on digital formats.

Bobby Front Cover (Lg)


The cover photography is by Chicago photographer Todd Winters; the cover layout is by John Bishop.

Of the worlds greatest living guitarists, most fans of popular music are familiar with rock and blues legends like Eric Clapton, B.B. King, and crossover artists like  George Benson. So it’s like unearthing hidden gold when they “discover” the more than three decades of phenomenal performance by jazz guitar legend Bobby Broom .

Performing professionally since he was 16 in the groups lead by the best of the best:  Sonny Rollins, Stanley Turrentine, and Dr. John. Broom launched into the lead as an artist with Stand! (2001), a brilliant foray into the pop music he grew up hearing in the 1960s and ’70s.

Beyond his soaring artistry, Broom’s new album, My Shining Hour, is a gateway album for a whole new generation who are “discovering” music from the American Songbook, the list of some of the top music of all time, largely from film and theater, that has also been interpreted by, among others, the Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards, Queen Latifah, Sting, Norah Jones and Rufus Wainwright, to name but a few. 

What else makes this album a must-listen? For that rising tide of audiophiles who revere audio tape recordings for their warm vibrancy, “My Shining Hour” will be a destination CD for their collection. It was recorded directly to custom, 8-track analog tape equipment, with one central microphone in a group setting and spot mics for each instrument.

Bobby Broom’s work with his ensembles the Bobby Broom Trio and the Deep Blue Organ Trio have graced the world with his soaring guitar that gives voice to the universal joys and sadness that move us all.  This summer’s project is the Bobby Broom Organi-Sation, Bobby’s sensational new organ group created for a very special occasion that will be announced here on Saturday, June 21st…

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