Chicago Tribune Gives The Bobby Broom Trio’s Weekend Stand A Big Thumbs Up

Review: The quiet side of guitarist Bobby Broom’s art

September 16, 2016

By Howard Reich

Listeners long have savored the music of Chicago guitarist Bobby Broom, but his work never has sounded more intimate than it did Thursday night at the Jazz Showcase.

Leading a trio that reveled in understatement, Broom performed as if leading a session in his living room, the rest of us invited to eavesdrop. Even Broom’s spoken introductions were delivered at something just above a whisper, the musician in every way encouraging his audience to lean in a bit to fully perceive what was happening.

Like many jazz musicians of boomer vintage, Broom has nurtured a love of pop hits from the 1960s and ’70s, and he indulged it on this occasion, in most appealing ways.

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