Meeting of Two Chicago Jazz Guitar Masterminds

Meeting of Two Chicago Jazz Guitar Masterminds:

Bobby Broom’s New ‘Chicagoan’ Archtop,
by Dan Koentopp Guitars

Master luthier Dan Koentopp recently met up with Bobby Broom to deliver his new, custom made, ‘Chicagoan’ archtop guitar.

IMG_0052A project two years in the making, Broom was introduced to Koentopp by fellow Chicago jazz guitarist Andy Brown. After their first meeting in 2013, the two guitar lovers decided to work together on the creation of a unique and personal instrument that is a reflection of the expertise of both artists.

“Among other things, I was interested in hearing a richer depth in tone quality when sitting behind the instrument,” explained Broom. “This should really enhance my listening pleasure!”

Koentopp took great care in personalizing the instrument for Bobby. Through face-to-face meetings, discussions and listening to Broom’s music throughout the build, his creative process flowed freely.

Stay tuned for videos of Bobby playing his new axe!


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